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Welcome to Outdoor Fitness Mag, your go-to destination for everything related to outdoor adventures and fitness.  If you’re an avid hiker, a passionate kayaker, or just someone looking to break free from the monotony of the gym and get some fresh air, you’ve found your tribe here.

Our Mission

At Outdoor Fitness Mag, we believe in the power of nature to invigorate the body and soul. Our mission is to inspire you to explore the great outdoors, discover new adventures, and embrace the physical challenges that come with them.

We aim to be your guide to outdoor fitness, providing you with tips, gear reviews, and motivation to push your limits and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Meet Barry Atkins

The driving force behind Outdoor Fitness Mag is Barry Atkins. Barry’s passion for the great outdoors is the heartbeat of this website. When he’s not at his desk writing, you can bet he’s out there living the adventures he writes about.

Barry’s love for nature is boundless. You’ll often find him navigating the serene waters in his kayak, casting a line in search of the next big catch, or tackling the most challenging mountain bike trails. His philosophy is simple: immerse yourself in nature and push your limits with thrilling outdoor activities.

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